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International Relocation

When you’re moving across national borders, you’ll want someone with expertise on your side. As part of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network and a history of relocating clients all over the globe, Watson Relocation Services are the experts you can trust to simplify your international move.

Of course, moving internationally is much different from an ordinary move. In addition to the usual considerations a normal move brings – changing the address on your driver’s license, for instance – moving to a new country means learning new cultural activities and possibly even a new language.

Whether you’re moving to a different country or you’re returning back to the United States after living abroad, our team of trained, multi-lingual associates provide the following services to help you adjust to your new home:

  • Translators in the native language of the transferee or their families.
  • Orientation to restaurants, newspapers, grocery stores, cultural activities, etc. from their country of origin.
  • Social security card assistance.
  • Banking assistance for transfer of funds.
  • Driver's license.
  • Purchase or rental of furniture, cars, etc.
  • Education for children when language is a barrier through public or private schools.
  • Connection when possible with a family with the same country of origin.
  • Associate assignment from our international contacts.
  • Assistance in home purchase or home rental customs. 
  • General orientation to the United States with a concentration on areas of specific concern to the transferee or their family.
  • A contact for the transferee before, during, and after their relocation is complete.